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Understanding Rheem Product Lines

As one of the world's most recognized names in water heating solutions, Rheem has been driving industry innovations for decades. With a full line of gas, electric, tank-type, tankless, and point-of-use water heaters, Rheem continues to earn top reliability ratings and industry-wide recognition, year after year.

Whether it's their maintenance-free design that eliminates filter cleaning and replacement or their mechanical gas valves that make initial startup easier for Pros, there are many reasons to choose Rheem water heaters. Most of the electric models come standard with stainless steel elements, and their excellent warranty protection can be extended by four years with the Protection Plus® program.

The Rheem Advantage

  • Large line of ENERGY STAR® water heaters
  • Industry-best UEF ratings up to 3.70
  • Best FVIR solution, maintenance-free
  • Exclusive leak detection technologies on select models
  • Enhanced-flow brass drain valves
  • Low-lead compliant
  • Variety of Ultra Low NOx products
  • Lifetime warranty on select heaters

Professional Classic Series

The full line of Rheem Professional Classic water heaters, available exclusively through HD Supply, includes everything from entry-level models to products with advanced energy-saving features and cutting-edge technologies.

Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem tankless water heaters offer continuous hot water, high-energy efficiency, low operating costs, high-altitude installations, low NOx emissions, precise temperature control and self-diagnostic features all in a compact design.

Professional Prestige ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The ProTerra electric hybrid water heater is the smartest, quietest and most efficient water heater on the market. Its hybrid heat pump design makes it 400% more efficient than standard electric water heaters. This innovative water heater features LeakGuard™, the integrated leak detection and automatic shutoff valve system that locks water in the tank to protect against water damage. It also includes built-in Wi-Fi and the EcoNet® app, allowing users to check hot water availability, track energy usage and control modes and comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Universal Commercial Water Heaters

HD Supply offers a complete line of heavy- and light-duty commercial water heaters for all commercial water heating needs. Rheem products feature the most diverse tank components in the industry, from glass-on-steel to stainless steel to polybutylene.

Get to Know the Differences

Rheem Professional Classic Series Water Heaters Rheem Professional ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heaters Universal Commercial Water Heaters Rheem Marathon Water Heaters Rheem Tankless Water Heaters
  • Like-for-Like quick & easy replacement of currently installed water heaters
  • Residential whole home and point-of-use applications
  • New residential construction where up to 80 gallon capacity is needed
  • Significant upgrade replacement of a standard electric water heater; Government or local utilities may offer rebates, tax credits, or other incentives
  • Heavy-Duty models are ideal for gyms, laundromats and multi-unit properties
  • Light-Duty and Point-of-Use models are ideal for targeted fixtures needing smaller volumes of hot water
  • New construction or replacement upgrade for currently installed standard water heaters
  • Ideal for regions with hard water or well water
  • For new construction or previously installed water heaters
  • Ideal for applications where low-cost, continuous hot water is needed or desired
  • Lowest initial cost option available in a variety of sizes & specs
  • Gas models include a maintenance-free FVIR burner chamber design; no filters to clean or replace
  • Mechanical gas valves preferred by professionals for ease of maintenance and initial startup
  • Most electric models include long-lasting stainless steel elements
  • Most efficient on the market with up to 4.0 UEF, saves up to $491 per year in energy costs
  • 3X more efficient than a standard electric water heater with the same capacity
  • Protects the home with LeakGuard built-in leak detection and automatic water shut-off
  • Built-in EcoNet Wi-Fi technology allows water heater management, track energy usage & program a schedule from a mobile device
  • Universal connect configurations install into any retrofit application
  • Numerous large volume, heavy-duty gas & electric models from which to select
  • Most diverse and Innovative tank components for efficient operation
  • Triton gas models are high efficiency condensing tank-type water heaters for maximum hot water output at the lowest cost
  • Lifetime warranty with customer registration
  • Non-metallic tank and outer shell will never rust or corrode
  • No anode rod required
  • No smelly hot water
  • Small in size; mounts on the wall and provides continuous hot water
  • Only heats water on demand, saving up to $1,100 over 12 years in energy costs
  • Easy installation with 2" or 3" PVC venting
  • Wired remote control with digital display and diagnostics for quick & easy maintenance and setup
Estimated Useful Life 6-10 years 10-12 years 3-5 years 25+ years 20-25 years